The need for a netball club in the fast developing “new” area of Leeming was identified in 1989.  A group of motivated parents with children at All Saints College, Banksia Park Primary, Bullcreek Primary, Leeming Primary, West Leeming Primary and Leeming High School got together. In 1990 19 junior teams under the banner of Leeming Netball Club played their first season at Fremantle Netball Association.
Uniform choice made easy with all those schools having the navy skirt as their uniform, and the yellow shirt was voted in. Teams spanning From Junior G2 through to Junior B1 played, with 2 premierships in the first season!

The club quickly grew, and Leeming players became regular selections in representative sides in the region. 1993 saw  our first ever senior teams play, mainly due to the F.N.A. not having commenced an under 17 competition.

1995 saw some big achievements and progress for the club, now up to 30 teams, and the club became an incorporated body, produced a constitution and in a joint project with West Leeming Primary, erected lights at the school for the  growing demand for training times.   John Tissot was the club’s first recipient of the Jack Marsh Trophy for Club Person of the year. The trophy is given every year to show the club’s appreciation of outstanding support, effort and “clubmanship”!

Every year the committee work tirelessly to find great coaches and support for our young players, to ensure they learn and enjoy their netball.  This season saw this rewarded with the club’s first ever Junior A1 Premiership!

By 1999 we had grown to 9 senior teams and 25 junior teams. A big buzz for the club was a win, in overtime, for the club’s top senior team in Senior A2. Therefore seeing they win the right to move to the top grade Senior A1 the following year. It was a great goal achieved for a club that had nurtured young players through the ranks to this level. All could be celebrated at the club’s Inaugural Senior Presentation Dinner at the East Fremantle Yacht Club.

The new millennium saw Leeming be the first club to introduce the lycra body suit at F.N.A.  The bodysuits look great and have our teams standing out!

This brings us to 2003, we have, 11 senior teams and junior teams.

A brand new internet site and lots of great netball.   The club had in round 11, Renee Moore, is the first Leeming player to play 200 games!  The 200 games has spanned 14 consecutive seasons with the club!   We look forward to seeing many more of our players come through the balloons and cheers to 200 games!