LNC aims to create a fair and equal netball club, thereby ensuring our players enjoyment of the sport. The following guidelines and the coaches’ guidelines have been formulated to ensure we all work towards this common goal.

On Team Allocation Day

Pick up and sign for your teams equipment. The bag and contents are your responsibility for the season, however the coach may prefer to have the equipment in their possession. Please report any losses or breakages etc to the Equipment Coordinator as soon as possible.

Beginning of the Season

Draw up a roster for scorer/timer each week using all the parents of team members and distribute them to everyone involved. Managers of JA1 and all senior teams are required to make up an umpiring roster to
cover your teams umpiring commitments. Players who are unable to do their rostered game MUST make alternative arrangements. Please check ALL your commitments are covered as failure to do so incurs a 2 point penalty and $50.00 fine against the team.


On Saturdays ensure that the equipment is there on time, the score card is collected from the FNA office when allocated to scoring (first team listed on fixture) and the rostered scorer/timer is present. You MUST make sure ALL players including reserves are noted on the score card prior to the start of the game. Collect information issued by the Committee, which includes newsletters, receipts, notes and other correspondence which will be emailed to you, and required to be distributed to all team members as soon as possible. You are required to assist your team coach in any way possible. Managers of teams with younger coaches are required to attend training to assist where necessary in areas such as control and discipline, if needed. Games played sheets MUST be filled out each week. Collect any money due from team members. This is usually from fundraising or social activities. Please inform the committee promptly of any problems arising within the team, so issues can be resolved sooner rather than later. Senior Teams, 19’s and 17’s – complete player fairest and best voting. Retain votes in game order and then hand to a Committee member when directed.

At the finish of the season

Hand in games played sheet promptly so we can keep accurate tally of total games played by each player in order to award badges and milestones. Please launder the bibs (as per instructions provided) and return ALL equipment to the Equipment Coordinator on the date specified. It is usual for the coach and /or manager to organise end of season get together for the team. You are also asked to collect a donation from ALL team members at the end of the season and purchase a thank you gift and card on their behalf, for your coach.

Leeming Netball Club Policy is located on LNC website in the Forms tab. Link here.

Fremantle Netball Association Policies and Rules Governing Match Play are located at